Hoya pubicalyx Care

If you are looking for plants that like to grow in low light. Then hoyas are the best choice. Because they need minimal care and produce beautiful flowers. Among many varieties of hoya plants, Hoya Pubicalyx is easy to care for and propagation.

Pay close attention to the below part to know what thing you need to grow hoya Pubicalyx plants. If possible, make some notes for quick access.

In this article, you will learn about Hoya Pubicalyx care and propagation.

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Varieties of Hoyas

Hoya plants have many varieties all considered houseplants. If you want to grow hoya plants then you need to start from the easy to grow hoya plants. Below are the common and easy to care and maintain hoya plants for indoor gardens.

Hoya Australis

Hoya Compacta also called Hindu rope plant


Hoya plants do need light to make their food. But the light should not be direct sunlight. Filtered light is best for caring for hoya Pubicalyx plants. Direct sunlight can burn the plant leaves. This is the reason we always advise people to grow it in low light conditions.

No need to use grow lights. Because the normal ceiling light is sufficient to grow this plant. If possible then expose your plant to the morning sunlight. Because at this time of the day the sun emits low intense light waves.

These are beneficial for growing houseplants.


This is the second most important thing that you need to take care of while growing hoya pubicalyx plants. Humidity is the moisture content in the air. Use a hygrometer to measure the humid level in your home.

60 to 70% humidity is required for the shining leaves. It should not drop below 50%. Or the plant will start suffering from respiratory disorders.


Water the hoya pubicalyx plants like you water your other hoya plants. Before watering use a moisture meter to check the soil moisture. If the readings are low then use filtered water for watering plants.

If you do not have the budget for the soil moisture meter. Then you can check the soil moisture by poking your finger in the potting soil.

Rainwater is best for watering plants. But if it is not possible in your area to collect rainwater in barrels. Then you can use normal filtered water for watering hoya pubicalyx plants.

This plant is sensitive to the quality of water. In most parts of the country, the normal tap water contains heavy minerals. These minerals get collected in the root area and block the absorption of water and nutrients.

Therefore, check the water first before giving it to the plants.


Fertilizing of hoya plants is necessary for the best possible growth. Because the potting soil does not contain nutrients like our normal outdoor garden soil. Therefore, you need to supply nutrients to the growing plants to help them to grow bigger.

For all types of houseplants always use liquid fertilizers. They come in concentrated form. Read the instructions and dilute accordingly. Only fertilize hoya pubicalyx in its growing season that is summer and spring.

None of the houseplants grow in the winter season. They take rest in cooler months.


Hoya pubicalyx plants produce dusty pink star-shaped flowers. They do not release any kind of smell. This plant develops a small size of flowers but in cluster form. Properly cared plants start blooming in late spring to late summer.

The high intense sun rays can damage the flowers. Therefore, you need to save your plants from harsh sun rays in the summer season.

Flowers are delicate they cannot tolerate direct sun rays.

Generally, hoya plants take 1 to 2 years to start their bloom. At the time of purchase, you can ask the garden store about the flowering season and the time of plant flowering.

Hybrid varieties of hoya produce tones of flowers in a short time. They are not naturally found on the planet. Our botanists develop them in labs from different hoya plant genes.

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